The Art of Makeup for Spectacle Wearers

Ok, so you've selected the perfect eyeglasses to compliment your skin tone, hair, wardrobe and lifestyle, now here's some hot tips to help keep all eyes on your eyes!

Conceal dark circles
Applying a concealer under eyes in a shade or two lighter than your skin tone can help to cover and reflect light away from dark circles. Light reflection can sometimes cause a shadowy appearance around your frames so keeping the undereye area smooth and bright can help reduce that. Try our Full Coverage Concealing Cream in a pump. Its lightweight and super creamy, blends easily and a little goes a long way! 

Choose a foundation that stays
When considering a foundation choose a formulation thats transfer-proof and/or water-proof. Be sure to brush with a lite setting powder for all day wear. This will help prevent makeup from getting caked under the nose pads of your glasses and can help keep your glasses from sliding down. Too much oiliness and makeup buildup under your frames can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Find your shade in our #1 selling foundation


Make eyeliner a priority
Applying eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid (depending on your eye shape) in a dark shade like black or brown greatly defines your eye contours and helps draw more attention to your eyes rather than the glasses. Whether you love a nice smudgy eyeliner pencil or the defining power of a liquid eyeliner, its safe to say that eye enhancement with liner gets your eyes noticed! For an added pop of glam, dab on your favorite brown eyeshadow and a touch of highlighter to eye lids for more defined eye contours. Browse Eyeliners


Bat an eyelash
With the overwhelming popularity of false eyelashes these days, who can makeup without them? Not this glasses wearer! Choose false eyelashes with shorter and thicker wispys to prevent them from rubbing against your lenses when you blink. You will still get the glam you need just without the "blink drag" Unless, of course you prefer to just lower your glasses on your nose to allow the lashes more room! 
To enhance your natural lashes, try using an eyelash curler first then define with mascara concentrating on the lashline for more depth.
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Top it off with brows 
Fill in your brows to give them a naturally enhanced look and to improve the appearance of any sparse areas. If you feel you need to improve the overall shape of your brows, start by making light strokes near the inner brow extending outward to your desired shape. Whether your glasses fit under or over your eyebrows, you'll want to be sure your brows have just a bit bolder look than what you would consider your everyday eyebrow look. Shop our best selling brow pencils


Eyeglasses can make a subtle change to your personal style or they can make a bold confident statement. No matter your frame preference, you can design a flattering makeup look that will surely keep the focus on your eyes. So go ahead, wear your glasses but show off those beautiful eyes!

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