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Welcome to Sydoni Skincare and Beauty! We are so happy to have you join us on this amazing journey of beauty discovery and individual style. Imagine for a moment, being a lover of all things beauty, admiring stunning makeup styles and colors but not being able to find that perfect foundation or concealer shade that makes you feel confident that you look your absolute best. I could share countless stories about buying makeup and rushing home to try it only to find it’s not the right color or the formulation just doesn’t quite blend well with my skin.

I can certainly relate to the many women out there who have shared the gory details about their dreaded drawer full of beauty products that, for whatever reason, just didn’t make the cut. It’s incredibly frustrating and often left me wondering “Isn’t there a company somewhere that makes foundation and concealer that’s perfect for me”?

After all, I wanted my makeup to enhance my skin rather than hide it. I even noticed at times my skin would look better after I removed my makeup. Now I guess I should also tell you that I’ve been a professional makeup artist and skincare specialist for more than 30 years! Its my skills as a makeup artist that have kept me experimenting with shades and textures to find my perfect makeup “fit” but today, as a mature woman with a very busy lifestyle, I simply want my skin to have a healthy glow so I can “makeup and go”!

I’m a mom of girls and over the years I’ve watched my daughters struggle with their own personal skin concerns as they grew into beautiful young women so I’ve always encouraged them to cleanse and treat their skin properly to reduce breakouts and protect their youthful glow. They both love to experiment with beauty but are reluctant to wear foundation and concealer because of the struggle of finding their ideal skin enhancing shades.

It was out of our collective struggles with skincare and makeup that Sydoni Skincare and Beauty was born, a collaboration of beauty solutions with two of my daughters Sydni and Soni. (Sydoni) 

We were inspired to search for makeup formulations that blended effortlessly on the skin and offered weightless and long-lasting benefits. Makeup that was good for your skin with shades and undertones that enhanced natural beauty rather than covering it up. 

We believe that amazing makeup looks, whether subtle or bold, start with great skin so we spent years researching and selecting the finest formulations to help you “brighten up, even out, balance and smooth” It's important to us that we create a place where anyone of any age, skin type or skin tone can browse beauty and skincare collections that help create a look to suit any lifestyle. Whether you prefer your look more on the “subtle side” or you like your look to be all the way “lashed out” we want to have you covered!

We know you have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to stocking up on your favorite makeup, masks and such so we wanted to bring you options to help you create quick, natural looking, long lasting “out the door” looks while not forgetting about our “highlight and contour” makeup slaying divas! We made sure to include some pretty incredible, highly pigmented eyeshadows, powders, liners, concealers and lip beauties for makeup that takes you from the lightest application to your deepest smoky eye and red lip! Don’t forget to check out our finely-milled Pressed Powder and highlighters all in one slim signature palette!

Discover all of our collections and don’t forget to share your journey on social media. We’d love to see your Sydoni Skin! @sydoni_skin

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Favorite Sydoni Products:
Hydra Matte Liquid Foundation Shade F32
"Cookie Dough" Pressed Powder
"Goddess" Eyeshadow Palette
"Parisian Pink" Lipstick
Precision Waterproof Brow Pencil in "Chocolate"


Mom, Soni and Sydni
Mom and Daughters at Events
SYDNI, CO-Founder
Hydra Matte Liquid Foundation F36
Favorite Sydoni Products:
"Paige" Mink Eyelashes
Felt Tip Eyeliner/Black
XLXL Mascara/Black
Lustre Lipgloss in shade S12
SONI, Co-Founder
Favorite Sydoni Products:
Full coverage Foundation Stick and concealer in one/Shade Sun Tan
Full coverage concealing cream #HC112
"Sasha" Mink Eyelashes 
Lustre Vinyl Finish Lipgloss in shade V2
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