Sharing our Journey on the GRINDSET Podcast- The Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs

What an amazing opportunity to have been invited to share our entrepreneurship journey on the GRINDSET Podcast! We thank you so much for allowing us to share our story with your audience! 

The GRINDSET Podcast is hosted by Cynthia Daniels and Brack Williams and highlights the stories, successes and challenges of female founders and entrepreneurs of color. The GRINDSET Podcast is recorded in Memphis, TN., presented by Epicenter and powered by Kudzukian. 

This episode and all others can be found by downloading the Kudzukian App in the App store or Google Play. GRINDSET is also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify so you can listen and subscribe at

Check out our episode here: 🎧🎙PRESS PLAY ▶️

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